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Obama Card Hits the Streets!

ocfront1 copy










Liberty Propaganda teamed up with Corruption Database to distribute "free" healthcare at Sheila Jackson Lee's healthcare townhall.  Participants from both sides were amused and intrigued with their new automatic abundance.  After all, if Congressional Express is accepted at the gentlemen's club, it should certainly finance your next gastric bypass!


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  1. We want more blogs. I want to know what your thoughts are on tort reform. Do you think that there isn’t any tort reform in the bill HR3200 because it is poorly written or just because all the reps are in-debted to the trial lawyers. Wouldn’t this be the easiest most effective way to reduce cost in the health care system. I read that only 1/20 case are actually won, but they are all defended at a cost of about $100,000 each. That is about a $2 million savings per 20 cases and I don’t dare to imagine how many unsubstantiated cases are brought about each year. How can we push for that?

  2. Thank you Liberty Propanda for producing such an innovative product which can be used effectively to fight against the obama/pelosi/reid effort to remove the Liberty and Freedom granted to us by the Constitution. Let’s build wealth and return to prosperity…AND NOT ALLOW THEM TO “Spread the Wealth – Until It’s Gone.”

    You hit the nail on the head with the Congresstional Express – Collective Spending Card. Wishing you great success.

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