Happy Anniversary!

The Minister of Propaganda’s Remarks on the Occasion of the First Anniversary of the Houston Tea Party:


“From liberty to abundance, from abundance to complacency, from complacency to apathy, from apathy to dependence, from dependence to bondage.” It is said that civilizations rise and fall in cycles, and for thousands of years, they did. Citizens died young, they lived their 35 years heavily influenced by their surroundings, and the values of civilization were guarded and passed on by a small handful of men of the mind. When barbarians burned the libraries of the ancients, civilization could be plunged into darkness.

The Boston Tea Party and the revolution that followed provided a domain of freedom where health and industry could flourish. Life expectancy doubled, enabling more people to reach maturity and understanding, ensuring a core group would be alive to pass the values of freedom on to multiple generations.

We can read about the American Revolution, how freedom was won, but imagine how hard it would be to forget if we could hear the words of Patrick Henry in his own voice when he said, “Give me liberty or give me death!,” and every schoolchild could watch the Virginia House of Burgesses rise to its feet and answer with the call to arms! It would be almost impossible to forget how tyranny was defeated from the outside.

Today, together with the industrialists of our time, the founders of Youtube, Google, BlogSpot, Facebook, and Twitter, we are building the archives of civilization that will never be erased. When our descendants are asking, “How come this time, Rome didn’t fall?,” they will be able to look back and watch it for themselves! The Tea Party movement is building the structure of liberty in the minds of millions, and mobilizing more people than the entire population of the continent at the time of the founding!

When the graduate students of the future are asking, “What were Felicia Cravens and Josh Parker like in 2009?,” they will be able to scroll through YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, and see for themselves. They will see how the Tea Parties, Houston, Katy, North Houston, Clear Lake, all over the country got us into the streets. How the Bryans and the Eddies recorded it all now and for the future. They will hear the talk radio archives; how Natalie Arceneaux and Apostle Claver changed the political playing field. They will scroll the blogs and the Facebook feeds, and see the Rhondas and the Loris, at their keyboards hour after hour, day after day, beating the drum of liberty until the sound shook the Congress and drowned out the President of the United States!

When future historians watch how America whipped tyranny from within, we know what they will see because we are living it! Everyone in this room can be deeply proud of our role in it!

Happy Anniversary!
Nicholas V. Carbone
February 27, 2010

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