A Few Terms and Conditions

From HersHasMuscles at the bodybuilding.com forum:

Disclosures and Terms

I* understand and agree that upon approval of the Obama Credit Card, I am then rendering my soul, giving government ultimate power over mine and my families lives. I also understand that this takes away all Constitutional rights and privileges, as politicians will be allowed to make all decisions for my being. I understand that the transaction of soul, rights and privileges is permanent and non-reversible, therefore I will be dependent and owned by the government for the rest of my pitiful existance. If I later choose to become a productive working contributor of society, I must close or stop use of this credit card. I am expected to immediately resume payment for all purchases made during ownership of this credit card, which I will unlikely be able to do, resulting in either losing everything and living on the streets or crawling back in desparation to the government begging for dependency again.

*”I” refers to the person who is named Primary on the credit card application.

Price of one Promoter Package: $19.99 + your soul.

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